Krasnodar – Southern Russian City You Should Definitely Visit

In some meaning, Krasnodar is an example of how I would like to see Russia in the closest future. It’s just an amazing city! With clean streets and smart infrastructure, beautiful, a lot of greenery, the main street looks like you’re in the park. There is a rich choice of well-designed cafe and restaurants with high quality food and drinks, also there are many places to spend time outdoor (southern nature and climate can afford it easily). I guess, you could find everything you want in Krasnodar. Well, most of everything. Even Starbucks and Uber are presented in the town 🙂

There is good high-speed train connection between Krasnodar and Black Sea coast. It’s being served by Siemens trains (looks very close to S-Bahn in German cities, here you can find more pictures of it). It takes about 2 hours to get to the closest coastal destination (Tuapse) and 3 hours more to the end point of the route – well-known Sochi which hosted Winter Olympics couple years ago and located at the border between Russia and Abkhazia (self-proclaimed republic, officially part of Georgia). Besides, Krasnodar is TOP#1 most growing city in Russia – as per RBC (Russian Bloomberg so to say).

In the beginning of May 2016 I was lucky to visit Krasnodar during my business trip. Work took much time but still I was able to come to the city a little bit earlier to reel around the city 28 thousands steps and make some photographs for you of its beauty. Below you may find some of the pictures – Russia as nobody imagines it. Let’s start?

There is a direct air connection between Moscow and Krasnodar. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach the city. Aeroflot Airlines planes from Sheremetyvo Intl Airport heads to Krasnodar twice a day. Nothing to say specifically about – the service, the air craft are great, as usually for Aeroflot. The only disappointment is the food – which is now much worse than it used to be on the short flights. You need to try your best to be able to finish their rubber sandwich. Thanks God – they serve a coffee with milk as well! It saves the situation a little bit and helps to swallow damn sandwich 🙂

Views are just amazing when you’re approaching Krasnodar on the plane! This is South – you get it the same moment you’re starting landing. Agriculture, planted fields – every piece of soil is maintained. Some of the fields are under the water. I didn’t understand the reason. Is that how they plant a rice?

2. Krasnodar international airport, called “Pashkovsky” is located on the bank of the Kuban reservoir. Don’t miss a window view at your flight – not to miss such a picturesque panorama.

3. Here you can feel the South in every single detail. Right next to the airport’s fence there is a plantation of the fruit trees.

4. Krasnodar airport was refurbished recently. However, it is still small, there are no telescopic gates to get directly inside the airport from the plain. I even didn’t notice the airport building until our bus completely put us to its entrance. Maybe you’ll be better with this – try to find an airport at the next picture! Ok, here is a tip – find a small 1-floor building with an orange ceiling far right at the picture. 🙂

5. Airport is small indeed as for the city with 1 mln population, but in good condition though. I never thought it is so well maintained. Yes, there were huge investments in the region during 2007-2014 due to Sochi Olympics – but I was sure, all money stayed at Sochi. Never thought that Krasnodar was also lucky to take a piece of pie. Despite there were no any sport events organized in the city. Good job for the local authorities! Let’s continue our tour going to the airport square.

6. The airport is located inside the city. So you see neighborhoods right after you leave the building. Most of all Krasnodar inhabitants are living in the private houses – there are not too many blocks inside the city. Something like in US cities, for example. But, well, much poor. Downtown is connected with the airport by the electric bus lines. Electric bus is called “trolleybus” in Russia. They get the power from two wires above using a couple of special metal sticks. You can see such buses in San Francisco CA or Riga, Latvia.

7. I stayed at Hilton hotel in the downtown – pretty good, but nothing special. Very ascetic interior but good breakfasts and view from the room number.

Kransodar’s main street

Krasnodar’s main street called “Krasnaya” (it’s “red” in Russian – very similar to the name of the city “Krasnodar” which literally means “Red gift”). It’s open for the traffic during weekdays and pedestrian-only during holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. A lot of city’s inhabitants prefer to walk here during day-offs.

In the beginning, at the historical center of Krasnodar, Krasnaya street is very narrow – but it appears to be wider and wider after each quarter, finally transforming to a whole park where it is very difficult to find driveways among the greenery.














21. Krasnodar has pretty good tram system. Here you can find even tram-dedicated streets!

22. Daily parking is toll, it costs only $0.45 to stay here for an hour.

23. Streets which cross the main road are very cozy, calm and green. Russian city with 1 mln population is pretty specific, isn’t it?

24. New apartment blocks in the heart of the city.

25. A good start for the future Krasnodar’s skyline 🙂


27. Very brave as for the Russian city! This impressive building is the local shopping mall.

28. When you go down the street, you meet a very convenient boulevard.




32. I had an interesting feeling while walking down Krasnodar’s main street – like I am in the small town. Not as at 1 mln megapolis.


34. Chop-chop! Love this barbershop 🙂 I usually go there for my hair cut in Moscow. This is another good example of a very wide choice of services as for Russian regional centre.



























My Krasnodar’s walk took 20 km – very long distance as for pedestrian walk, isn’t it? But I didn’t feel being tired – since all the time it was a lot of nice and good-looking places.

59 photos in this post – it’s just those best ones I’ve selected out of few hundreds of pictures shot that day. I’ll try to prepare the second part of this story soon with rest photo. For example there is a nice promenade on the bank of the river in Krasnodar, I would like to share those views with you as well.

If you have some free time in Russia – don’t be afraid, take a flight to Krasnodar. It’s better to get here for a week visiting not only the city but travelling also to the seaside, Sochi. Moreover, there is a really cheap flights from Moscow on Russian low-cost airlines called “Pobeda”. It may take only 999 rubles which is just $13 when booking in advance.