Not a Render: Really Existing Business Centre in Moscow

Well, not a lot of people who have never been in Moscow can imagine that it stores brilliant examples of the modern architecture. Recently, in 2015 the first tenants had occupied the Dominion Tower designed by a well-known british iraqian architect Zaha Hadid. Zaha is famous worldwide for her incredible buildings that look like spaceship and admire those who watch. One of the most impressive projects of Zaha are: Heidar Aliev Centre in Baku, Azerbajan, CMA CGM Tower in Marsel, France, National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome, Italy and many other.

The order of the project was Russian investment group called “Peresvet” and its subsidiary “Dominion-M”.

Original drawings were made in 2004, but further development failed due to financial crisis. An idea to build a revolutionary new business centre reborn in early 2010s: finally construction was started in 2012. The general contractor was an Austrian company called Alpenbau.

Last October I visited the new star of Moscow architecture and shot some photographs to share with you today. Check it out!

This is how it looks like when you come to the main entrance of the building.

There is a natural light getting to the premise through the glass roof above the hall.

My friends always believe it is not a render only when I show them this picture where you see a security guy sitting at the reception.

Exteriors are same impressive as interiors. Let’s have a short walk around.

Absolutely untypical panels covering facade. I bet it was a special order and cost a lot.

The main entrance.

The business centre was settled in old residential area constructed in late Soviet Union – so the neighbour houses are pretty boring, some of them are ugly, to tell the truth.

Zaha Hadid’s project in Moscow is striving to give a second breath to the district which has a high potential due to the close location to the city centre: half an hour by foot to Paveletskaya, 5 metro stations away from Kremlin. There are new developed territories nearby: former ZIL factory which now reborns as the new area with expensive apartments and dozen ways to rest and have a fun, the Moscow River.

The developer decided not to stop with the building construction – it was also created a small nice looking park with Scandinavian simplicity and charm in design.

The building is accompanied with an underground parking.

Back side is really worth to see it as well.

I am sick for such an architecture!

And finally thanks a lot to my friend Tanya who joined me that sunny morning walk!

The original article was posted in my Russian blog in October, 2015: