The First Post: Time to Start the New Project

Dear friends,

Today I am pleased to announce you my new blog concentrated especially on my non-Russian-speaking friends worldwide who are already annoyed a lot by too much Russian links at my social networks. The other reason to launch this project is to preserve my connections with EU and American colleagues from Ford – since I’m going to leave the company so soon. Finally, my personal aim of supporting it is to improve the language skills. I am not so fluent in English yet, but there is a strong wish to achieve absolute proficiency. The public posts, I guess, may help me with that.

For sure, most of you know that I also have a Russian blog placed at LiveJournal platform which is being maintained and regularly updated during last 6 years. This site will be an addition to it, not duplicating but extending its materials, borrowing the best pictures and stories. Obviously, I won’t be able to provide an updates so often as I do it for my primary page. However, my goal is to update this site at least once a week, posting my minds, pictures and stories from everyday’s life – and then we will see.

This blog may also be used by my Russian-speaking friends who lost an access to LiveJournal page due to the fact that it was blocked by several local providers (up to 10% of audience). Earlier this summer I had an unpleasant situation with Russian governance agency which is overseeing an Internet and blocking sites they don’t like without any court decision or similar (so-called “Roskomnadzor”). Their main concern was my article about upcoming meeting for federalization of the regions which was organized in Siberia where I’ve blamed Russian officials for double standards in relation to Eastern Ukraine and domestic regions. I’ve also attached the meeting poster to that page and that was mainly the reason for the blocking my site which was later appealed by myself and aborted (because indeed I have not violated the law and I’ve proved it). Nevertheless, some of the providers still don’t remove the blocking so small part of the audience can’t read my articles in Russian.

Guess  it’s enough for a beginning. I wish to all of you a pleasant day and will be happy to get your feedback regarding style and format of this blog and maybe your ideas/proposals regarding further posts.