Late walk through winter Moscow: from old streets to the skyscrapers

I adore walking through Moscow late weekend nights in winter. When thousands of lights are everywhere, no crowds on the streets, no noises and such a romantic atmosphere. There are tons of routes which may endorse your mood, give the forces and inspiration, feel being in the heart of high-developed, modern city.

You may start your promenade from the iconic small park with old-styled lights, benches and fence, then come to the loud and wide avenue, then dive to a small street with houses built during Imperial times and finally appear at the square straight opposite hundred-staged skyscrapers of the City. Moscow is all about these contrasts. One of the most fundamental components of the beauty of the Russian capital, many people think – and I can agree with that.

Today I invite you to join my late Saturday walk to see Moscow when it’s the most beautiful during this season.

The Moscow River is covered by an ice.

Two famous places of Russian capital here, at the picture at the same time: White House with the flag on the top is the Government of Russia; and the “booklet houses” on Novy Arbat which facades are covered now with electronic LED screens showing pink hearts for the upcoming February, 14th.

Now we are coming to the City of Moscow – the quarter of skyscrapers which are always a great surprise for the visitors. No one expect to see a piece of New York or Hong Kong in the heart of Moscow.

Moscow River is frozen, but there are a lot of ship and boats which host lots of restaurants.

We are now at the City.

That is it for the moment. Now I’m diving into a subway to get back home to my neighbourhood on north-west of Moscow.

The original article was published on February, 20th, 2014 at my Russian blog: